Farewell- Tribute to a teacher

The pearly white teeth greet our faces
Your silky voice has all the graces
Your magnificent abilities ooh!ooh!
Did anyone tell that you had a brilliant accent too?

The ways of your teaching exhibit pure magic
But, as you depart, uh! it is highly tragic
With you we share a great affinity
You certainly are a teacher; one in infinity

In your classes we were never bored
Cuz’ your wit is sharper than the sword!
The English classes of yours were mesmerizing
Sadly, we took a great time for the realizing

Our love for you is immeasurable
Saying goodbye to you, no! we are not capable

You leave us with broken hearts
Pray tell me, how to ever mend these parts
Now, we have but, one thing to say
You were the greatest teacher of english, all the way

So, farewell to those sweet and sad moments and farewell to thee,

We wish you success and a great life of glee
Now that you leave, our tears can’t hide
In our hearts, you will, for ever, reside


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