The melting pot of culture lies straddled
between two continents Asia and Europe
the names of places here may leave you addled
don’t worry, with the city, you can easily cope up

Greenery, trees and a pleasant climate bear on or minds
Tourists walking here and there are of varying kinds
Tall, short, lean, fat, dark and fair
Smiling and walking, all have a purpose they share

This historical city has many pieces of history
from Hagia Sophia and Topkapı Palace to the Monument Of Liberty
The view from the hotel balcony is captivating
Quaint cobblestone pavements and pretty houses with roofs slanting

The Turkish people, in the mornings greet you handsomely
Their men, women and children, all fair and comely
The wily shopkeepers of Grand Bazaar never falter in their persuasiveness
Sometimes, we sit down and wonder at this city’s craziness

Visiting the Princes Islands is an eternal joy
The beauty of their hills and woods, boy! boy!
The people who despite hardships remain cheerful
They are what makes this place truly beautiful

The majestic palaces which lie by the shore
The ancient mosques and cathedrals and their folklore Trams and metros, trains and phaeton
All this makes you feel why weren’t we here born

Then come the restaurants and the Turkish cuisine
Thousands of tourists eating in open air, it is such a scene
As nightfall commences, all the businesses close down
The scenery undergoes a change, when night takes the crown

The exotic item of Grand Bazaar make you jump in delight
Chinese lamps, decorative bowls, Turkish sweets; such an amazing sight
Haggling is such, the shopkeeper says,” 300 liras for that wallet, that’s all
You say,” No, sir 120 is what I pay you, that’s my call

As the day ends, you sit down thinking
“What is this existence, what is this life I am leading?”
The peace and calm of the evening makes your heart full
This is when you realize the magnificence of the city, Istanbul


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