Fallacies and Misconceptions: Arab World

Arab World is a vast region whose population is predominantly Muslim. The West has formed certain ideas of its own against the Arab World, many of which are baseless. Here are a few:
Oppression Of Women: No, seriously no! Women are treated with great respect by all menfolk here, at supermarkets, malls everywhere. They are not forced to wear abayas, it is a part of their culture and they willingly accept it. The Arab women rule the households, they are known to be very extravagant. No one dares to misbehave with ladies let alone abuse them.
Arabia is all about desert and oil: Arabia has many deserts, no doubt, but it also has many valleys and forests and also plateaus and mountain ranges. It also has many tourist destinations like Egypt, Dubai, Oman, Morocco etc.
Habibi! Arabic is spoken everywhere: Yes, Arabic is the most widely spoken language in the Arab World but there are several other languages including Hebrew, Kurdish, Turkish, Hebrew. Also, everyone here is not Muslim, In addition to the large Jewish population in Israel, there are also significant Christian and small Jewish communities throughout the region.
Arabs hate the West: This is not completely true. Though there prevails a strong anti-US sentiment in some regions like Iraq, that is of course natural. If someone kills your people and destroys your home without reason you can’t be expected to invite that person over to dinner. As a matter of fact, Westerners are regarded superior to other nationalities by Arabs and anyone with an American degree or citizenship is given better paying jobs.
Duck! A grenade, terrorists and bombings: There is a common misconception that there are bombings everywhere in the Arab World and it is a highly unsafe region. This is true to some extent such as in Syria, Iraq, Yemen etc. Other countries such as Jordan, Gulf countries are relatively safe, in fact some of them are safer than other european countries.


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