Time Is Money

“Time is what we want most but what we use worst

Time is said to be eternal, it has neither a beginning nor an end. Yet men measure it in hours,days,weeks,months and years.nTime has a meaning, it moves. What went yesterday is not going to happen today. Time is a free force, it moves on without waiting for anyone.It is commonly said ‘Time and Tide wait for none’. It favors those who are industrious and judiciously utilize it otherwise for the idle and indolent there is no hope.

One often says”there is time, we will do it later” but does anyone except the Almighty know that what will happen in the future? will our financial conditions remain the same, will we remain healthy. Postponing things for another day, keeping work pending is certainly not conducive for a prosperous life.It is wisest to do any work at that precise time and finish it off, we should never employ a lethargic approach to life.Time is invaluable, we should never waste time recklessly in unprofitable expeditions. Time passes away so rapidly that a person realizes his loss much after it happens. Every second we waste, we are wasting the rewards of our own productivity. People who do not comprehend the value of time are the greatest losers, if a person comes late to office everyday, he will be dismissed, if a person misses an important meeting the repercussions may be severe. Often we come across people who wasted their youth in frivolous pursuits and suffer in their middle age. Mathematically, the use of time in youth is directly proportional to standard of life in middle age. If you use more time, you will have a higher standard of living and if you don’t, you know what I mean.

There is a proverb which says that ‘Killing time is not murder, it is suicide’ by wasting time we are causing great harm to ourselves.On the contrary if we use time wisely, we will be very successful and will live joyfully. Time is like money, if we use it sagaciously we will gain.On various occasions we should do various tasks. We should employ time management in our daily life and do certain tasks in a certain span of time. Thus, we can say time can be either a blessing or a curse. Now, it depends on the human to make it which


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