Saudi Arabia : Facts

Hi! Today I had made myself busy, reflecting on the state of affairs in Saudi Arabia and then I started thinking about the awe-inspiring things about the nation. Finally I came up with a few,some from surfing the net and some from my own experience.
  • Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the world with no source of flowing water.
  •  Due to this, the country desalinates more seawater than any country in the world. The government is planning to spend $200 Billion in this project forthr coming years.
  • Saudi Arabia has among the most lenient tax systems in the world. Income tax is non-existent, no VAT, no land tax, nothing!. Gasoline, costs 0.12 $, healthcare and education are free.
  • However, the citizens of KSA have to pay a Zakat Tax which is the equivalent of 2.5% of their annual earnings. Besides, there is also a corporate tax.
  • Based on fatalities per head of population, a World Bank report in the year 2000 found that Saudi Arabia along with Malaysia, Thailand, and South Africa were the most dangerous countries in which to drive.
  • The country remains a haven for millions of expatriates. Immigrants make up more than 30% of the total Saudi population, according to UN data from 2013.
  • Al Ghawar oil field, on the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia is reputed to be the largest offshore oil field in the world.
  • Saudi statistics state that the country is the world’s fourth largest importer of tobacco, and Saudis spend about US$8 million a day on cigarettes.
  • Birth control is illegal in Saudi Arabia.
  • In Saudi Arabia, everything closes during salat (prayer time). Strictly enforced, salat can last up to 30 minutes.
  •  Drinking of coffee or gahwa is very prevalent in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi culture, the host must offer gahwa to his guests in the smallest cup possible, which implies that the host intends the guest stay for a long period, if by chance, the gahwa is offered in a larger cup, the guest will feel offended and may even walk away in a huff!
  •  Most of the businesses start after sunset, shopping is usually done in the night hours. The malls close down at 12 o’clock, and in the holy month of Ramadan they operate even till 1 o’clock.
  •  80% of the labor force in Saudi Arabia is non-national.
  • Lastly, Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy with the King being the supreme authority.

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