Its morning! dawn of a new day
Rise and shine for the sky is no longer gray
The shining sun lifts its bosom over the vast skies
Beneath which lies the world, filled with truths and lies
Looking out, the day seems so fair, so fine
Fresh air and grassy walks, the morning is mine!
Beauteous surroundings and the gentle breeze blowing
Green moss on pebbles and river water flowing
The chirping birds who cheerily start off for feeding
Their bellies are rumbling and food is what they’re needing

Cries of the peddlers and hawkers are heard from far away
They are heard by those who in their beds sleepily lay
Roaming around the lonely streets is so much fun
The young and old out, for a bit of sun
Business is starting, the world is awake
Brace yourself for the day, cuz’ its daybreak


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