The Blunder


Adolf Hitler
Heinrich Himmler ( Right Hand Man)
Joseph Goebbels
Eva Braun
Four Armed Guards

Scene 1

Narrator: Today, we present a play which is set at the backdrop of Operation Barbarossa or the German Invasion Of Russia, we have tried to depict the would be reaction of Adolf Hitler and his close associates at its failure. Hitler is in office apparently counting the something.
Hitler: Ein, zwei, drei, vier, fünf ( Himmler comes in storming)(Two guards give Nazi Salute)
Himmler: (screaming) Heil Hitler! (Hitler falls down, looks flustered) Mein Führer, Wehrmacht, the Nazi Army has been crushed! It is abominable! We have lost the Battle Of Moscow, The cunning Soviets are forcing us into a war of attrition, our food supply is dwindling, Deutschland is essentially ruined.
Hitler: (getting up with a look of disdain) Das ist schreklich! Are you off your German mind? Remember WE are the Nazis, the Aryans, the blood running through our veins is purer than distilled water! The largest invasion in the history of humankind shall be successful, We shall overcome all the difficulties and the Third Reich will rule the World!
Himmler: Nein, my Führer, I don’t see that happening (shaking head). Well, at least we have the thousands of Russians as prisoners, Heh Heh Heh Heh, I will starve them to death! [Evil smile]
(Curtain Closes)

Scene 2 
Narrator: The Germans are going bonkers because of the plummeting war economy. Soviet Union is desirous of revenge and is tirelessly working on achieving it, Germany is in crisis.
Hitler: Sleeping on table ( voice of snoring from youtube)
Goebbels: Sieg Heil! (Hitler Rises and gives Nazi Salute)
Hitler: Ja, Ja Guten Tag! So my dear propaganda minister, what wind blows you here? Does your leg still ail you?
Goebbels: Ja, mein führer it still does. I came to say that we are going down. Deutschland is losing a lot of men and infrastructure due to the lousy war! We need to implement some measures to take care of this precarious situation. The morale of the Wehrmacht is running low.
“I fear that the day is near”
the invading armies will our land seize
Nazis will be brought to their scrawny knees
Cash reserves will deplete and people will dust eat
The bubble reputation will burst
and thus, will be the exemplary leader be curst #poetic license
Hitler: Umm, it seems a perfekt situation to dilute the beer. If we add water to the beer, we will be able to produce more. Moreover, we can also degrade the cigarette quality. It will all be fine, Goebbels, don’t worry your little head over it. By the way, your poetic skills were unknown to me.

Goebbels: Nein, nein, nein, das ist schlecht! The beer will taste funny to the teenagers fighting for Deutscland and the cigarettes are already half dust, we cannot do that. Entschuldigung
Hitler: Now, now, be reasonable. Anyway, do what suits the nation. I will never intervene in what you do. I have full trust in your capabilities. Es das richtig, Goebbels?
Goebbels: Ja Führer

Scene 3
Narrator: Hitler has received news that within 24 hours Berlin will fall. He is very anxious. He is about to disclose this fact to his newly married wife.
Hitler: (To Eva ) Eva, It is time!
Eva: Time for what? Leiber
Hitler: Now that it is the time, I find it incumbent upon me to tell you that the war has been lost! We are not in a position to defend Berlin. Berlin is the capital of Deutschland and I wish that my soul resides here?
Eva: Was möchten sie tun? What are you planning to do?
Hitler: To achieve salvation!
Eva: Pray tell me, Why?
Hitler: Death is better than disgrace. I am a respectable person and I wish to die in dignity.
Eva: Then we are together in death
Hitler: So shall we be, Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer( Hitler shoots himself, Eva consumes cyanide, Nazi national anthem i.e Horst Wessel song is played.)


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