Adventure Sports

Fear exists only in the mind”. Generally, People tend to have a fear of one or the other thing, this is usually unreasonable but then, Human mind is such a complex structure that we cannot explain all of its absurdities, as we may call them. These irrational fears are termed as phobias such as acrophobia, arachnophobia, claustrophobia etcetera. The best way to deal with these phobias is to try in overcoming them. One of the effective ways in doing this is to engagae in Adventure Sports.

Adventure sports are existent in various forms, for example scuba diving, sky diving, bungee jumping and rock climbing. In scuba diving, a person descends deep into the ocean with the diving gear and enjoys the marine life. This is done mainly for pleasure. While, para gliding is an aerial sport and involves man versus gravity and wind. On the other hand, Rock climbing is more of an ‘earthy’ sport. Rock climbers ascend several kinds of rock formations, many of which are at a high elevation.

These type of sports provide thrill and excitement, we tend to say that our experience was fulfilling while deep in heart we know the terror we had faced during the activity. Participating in adventure sports do away with our inhibitions and help us in physical and mental development, our decison-making abilities are enhanced and our fears conquered.

Sometimes we should take risks and partake in the beneficial sports as we live only once and won’t get another chance.



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