The Evanescent Innocence

Creation of the Almighty which arrives crying

euphoric the man, the woman sighing

the solace which comes after what seems like years

shrieking, babbling; with great fears

away from its dark surroundings, in the world of light

Breathing, seeing, feeling; having eyesight

The innocent infant knows nothing

knows no good, no evil not a thing!

his life composes of eating, sleeping & screaming

mother’s lap is pure pleasure where he comes leaping

his mind is what can be said of soft clay

easily molded into anything in any way

This wonderful transition is wild

from an innocuous infant to a conscious child

who grows in intelligence and in stature

feeling his surroundings, interacting with nature

his wants and wishes are increasing

and craze of various things is unceasing

Yes, the child is growing

the water under his bridge is steadily flowing

fruit of upbringing is showing

Now a parent reaps what for years he is sowing

Childishness is almost extinct

in his mind now maturity sits

his expressions are clear and speech succinct

 Sans innocence the man exists


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