Job Reservations Are a Violation of the Right to Equality

Do reservations really empower the Socially & Educationally Backward classes? If we think about it, we can conclude that ‘India is the only nation in the world where people fight to be called backward’. Today 27% of government jobs are reserved for citizens belonging to the so-called lower sections of the society. Doesn’t it seem facetious that we try to supposedly assist a downtrodden community by decreeing a special status to them thereby creating a separate class which will eventually be resented by the general masses.

A very good morning to Mustafa sir and my colleagues; today I shall be presenting a dialogue for the notion that Reservations are a violation of the right to equality. Our constitution declares that every citizen is equal in the eyes of law and is subject to equal opportunities but this separate quota for the backward classes is in clear violation of this fundamental right. The atrocities committed against the Dalits are an abhorrent example of how superstitions and orthodox traditions overwhelm the minds of the populace but the government has implemented stringent measures to safeguard the rights of the SCs & STs, so we must accept them as normal people like any of us.
Is the government not being unfair when, by defying the basic principles on which our nation was founded it metes out a preferential treatment to the Dalits while being indifferent to the impact it will have on the general population.
The reservations leads to a situation where the more deserving candidates are denied employment opportunities and their hard work and toil goes to waste, they promote hatred and disunity among several sections of the society which can have disastrous consequences in the near future. In the preliminary stages, the job reservations were meant to aid the lower classes in becoming a resource for the nation but as politics played in, they were transformed into a policy which would garner sufficient votes for political parties. A Dalit himself, Dr. Ambedkar opposed Gandhiji’s policy of separating his community from the mainstream and calling them ‘Harijans’. He desired that the Dalits be given an equal but not a special status.

Moreover, majority of the public is unsupportive of the reservations, I must therefore say again, Reservations are a violation of the right to equality.


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