Thoughts in Desolation

The light has left leaving me in dark
Noise & voices are heard but from far away
a few paces out, its bright & gay
but I rest to live in loneliness stark

An aura of peace overwhelms me
in this blindness, I begin to see
the world is just a play of truth & lies
the birth is what will be met with demise

The heart & mind are puppets of the soul
which is the master from within
all the noble deeds and the evil sin
will predict our defeat or win

Life is a tedious test
a journey of hurdles & hardships
the world is not the abode of rest
but where justice will not be at its best

Thinking & Thinking many questions arise
why the grass green, why the ant is of small size
some things defy human sense
and in their wake proving divine existence

This sheer desolation makes me wonder
what would life be when moon was cleft asunder
how did people in those times believe
when they had no one save God to relieve

We think therefore we exist
hence, we must lighten the thick mist
formed of disbelief & ignorance
this thought in out minds should persist

In these thoughts I come to realize
Life is not easy but a game of the wise


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