Social Networks Have Made Youngsters Bold

“I fear the day when technology will surpass human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots”

Doesn’t this half a century old claim made by the renowned scientist Albert Einstein seem veracious right now. Bespectacled, stooping, gangly teens peering over their gizmos; (sigh) a sorry sight. Boldness is the willingness to take risks and act confidently. It is generally acquired when one interacts with people and his surroundings. With the new generation refusing to engage in face-to-face interaction and preferring communication through text and images, diffidence has developed as a trait common to many. To discuss the topic “Social networks have made youngsters bold” I, Ahsan Firdaus will present a few examples against the motion.

Today, misinformation among the youth is pervasive. Statistics say that 49.1 % of the users have read false news on social media. That means about half of our young people have got the wrong info. Bold doesn’t always have virtuous connotations. We see that nowadays, boldness has become synonymous with brashness, irreverence for the elderly, and unreasonable aggression. Youngsters think it ‘cool’ to break laws, disobey their parents and use profane language. If this is the boldness taught by sites like Facebook & Instagram then the Lord help us. The most frightening thing about the social media is its addictive nature. Users spend a lot of time surfing these sites. This hinders their ability in developing real social skills and confidence. Also, it leads to unhealthy competition between friends on profile photographs and teens acquiring narcissistic tendencies.
Hate speech directed towards certain communities is becoming rampant as the days pass by and this is because Facebook permits hate groups to recruit and distribute propaganda online. The temerarious youth are easily drawn to such things and end up ruining their futures. In order to generate finance, some social networks sell our personal information to organizations who use it for nefarious purposes. So, essentially, a new form of crime has evolved as the internet is expanding i.e. Cyber crime whose perpetrators are often difficult to apprehend.

Along with the law-abiding civilians, there exists a large numbers of criminals on social networking sites who stalk people and commit identity theft, often engaging in blackmail. Youngsters who fall prey to them suffer from low-self esteem and instead of being bold, they develop qualities of timidity. Texting has reduced the amenities of conversation to mere words. It has significantly affected the quality of english used by teens in communication. I would say that although social networks come with great benefits, their cons weigh heavily over the pros. The youth of our country is capable of becoming bold and street-smart by conversing in a real world with real people, playing games physically and not on the gadgets.


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