Down the Memory Lane

Nostalgia strikes hard,
a sentiment arcane
wells up in the heart,
down the memory lane

Memories revive
in familiar terrain,
from vacant to alive
down the memory lane

Reminiscence of days
brings pleasant pain
of games, and birthdays
down the memory lane

A random remembrance
will a smile sustain,
passing soon into evanescence
down the memory lane

Clutching on to past
is in vain,
olden days don’t last
down the memory lane

The recollections of yore
beguile, and entertain,
those moments we adore
down the memory lane

An au fait smell, or sound
makes one fain,
and takes you down
down the memory lane
Now, that time
seems idyllic, somewhat inane
Awed I’m
down the memory lane



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