Who in the darkest hour is by your side

The one whom you never wish to say goodbye

Who influences, inspires and is a guide

With him, paradise rests in that shady nook

Yes, my friends it is that bewitching book

Books are an affordable luxury. While reading them, you get deeply involved in the lives of the characters, their personalities, their way of life, in fact you even begin to visualise them. Any book’s success, naturally rests with the proficiency of the author to make his/her readers believe the sequence of events and keep each chapter remarkably unique so that they find the book interesting.

Books provoke thoughts and influence opinions; good books have a lasting impact on our minds, they tend to be remembered. In addition, books also educate us; while rendering no impression on our conversational skills, they do enchance writing skills, vocabulary and general knowledge. To some, reading is a pleasure while being a necessity for someone. Before the generation of mobile phones, gadgets and of course, the internet; say twenty five years ago, there existed a period when books were the ultimate source of information. Then, they were among the most sought-after commodity. Now, with the advent of internet, they have lost their value, books are being converted into e-books. Soon, there will be a time when that particular smell of book paper will lost to history.

But let us not think of those terrible days, I have been tiring myself to collect the e books of Enid Blyton, Agatha Christie and a few more novelists. Click on the links to access free e books on my website!

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