Tick tock tick tock passing away
these invaluable moments don’t forever stay
Seconds become minutes and minutes hours
Man loses his treasure this fine way

Time is but an ephemeral possession
a blessing for some, curse for many
the harbringer of prosperity & that of regression
which causes agreement & often contention

Men measure what is an immeasurable entity
In months of days and years of months
Time passes away unrelenting
leaving the unwise anxious & regretting

The eternal stream flows on
its demeanor indifferent
moving & moving waiting for none
easily lost but never won

The men of sagacity use it to their benefit
the foolish keep on ranting not today but tomorrow
but what is today may not be tomorrow
it might bring fulfillment or just sorrow

Use your time wisely, waste it never
humans die but time lives forever

Latest Fads Among Indian Youth

  • Buying a Quad-core 1.5 GHz smartphone with Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and 16 mp Ultra Sensor rear camera to take selfies with a 2 MP front cam.
  • Giving picture credits to a clearly photoshopped picture and adding meaningless quotes to it.
  • *feeling* entertained, anxious, heartbroken, smart and determined with 10 others on Facebook, of all places.
  • The uncontrollable urge to be involved with everything that trends on social media and update his/her status about it. For ex, on May 2nd 2015, every person on my timeline suddenly turned into a boxing pundit (MayPac fight) and for two months in 2014, a football expert (FIFA WC).
  • Supporting a football club because it is the new cool thing to do and mostly because it is winning. Claiming to be a die hard fan of those bankrolled clubs which did not even exist(not literally) until a few years ago.
  • Wishing their parents on Mother’s and Father’s Day on facebook, even though they are not on Facebook. The whole concept of “days” for parents is a farce anyway.
  • This was mainly during 2014, but yeah; taking a selfie with their ink-stained index fingers after casting a vote and uploading them on Facebook.
  • Instagram hashtags. #instapic #Iphonesia #instagood #picoftheday #tbt, #tagforlike and so on. Ok, can you also please #STFU. Thank you.
  • Picture comments on a profile picture/status update with those third grade memes made from regional movies. Good lord.
  •  this!

  • “X month” anniversaries (Where X lies between zero and 12). Last I checked, anniversaries used to be celebrated at least after an year or so, but hey, what do I know, huh?
  • Starbucks Coffee, Instagram filters and Facebook tags. Don’t get me started on those.
  • “Mah Lyf, Mah Rulezz”. Yeah!
  • It never was, never is and never will be cool to write cool as “kewl”. NO! Don’t do that.
  • A DSLR camera, Picasa and Facebook Photography pages. The holy trinity from where most of the fads in India got their presence. This is covered in more detail by other answers to this question, so I’ll leave it at that
  • Mindless Ice Bucket Challenges when they have no idea what ALS is, what it stands for or even the full form of it.
  • “My first answer with 1K upvotes. Thanks so much guys” Yes, we can see it has four figure upvotes. Leave it at that. Your answer is good as is. Don’t ruin it. Just don’t.
  • Deep/sad status msgs(mostly intending for a person) on WhatsApp. It’s not even a social media platform for heaven’s sake.
  • *Travelling from US to India.* *Check-in at every airport you have a connection.*
  • The gross over usage of the word “Awww” accompanied with love and smooch emojis. *u lk so cute* *hotttiiieee* *mwah <3*
  • And lastly, Fake Feminism.

SOURCE: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-latest-fad-among-the-youth-of-India Answer: Abhinav Nakka

The Evanescent Innocence

Creation of the Almighty which arrives crying

euphoric the man, the woman sighing

the solace which comes after what seems like years

shrieking, babbling; with great fears

away from its dark surroundings, in the world of light

Breathing, seeing, feeling; having eyesight

The innocent infant knows nothing

knows no good, no evil not a thing!

his life composes of eating, sleeping & screaming

mother’s lap is pure pleasure where he comes leaping

his mind is what can be said of soft clay

easily molded into anything in any way

This wonderful transition is wild

from an innocuous infant to a conscious child

who grows in intelligence and in stature

feeling his surroundings, interacting with nature

his wants and wishes are increasing

and craze of various things is unceasing

Yes, the child is growing

the water under his bridge is steadily flowing

fruit of upbringing is showing

Now a parent reaps what for years he is sowing

Childishness is almost extinct

in his mind now maturity sits

his expressions are clear and speech succinct

 Sans innocence the man exists


Those friends who love & care

of each others strenghts & weaknesses are aware

who stay together in all times, foul & fair

sorrow & joy together they share

Men & women living on same land

who know each other well and understand

defend each other and from evil protect

stand for every member, never defect

They share the same ideals more or less

never permit anyone to transgress

their upbringing is identical, have a same base

are united and often resemble in face

Quarrels are common, grudges are held

Differences are solved and peace is upheld

Sometimes children act adult and adults childish

Things hapening in a family are often wildish

Someone falters somewhere the family teaches him sense

Fighting, loving, defending, teaching this is the family essence

Man desires everything, is filld with natural greed

But, after all, family is one’s basic need

The Melodramatic Melman’s

1. Father : George {Fun Loving}
2. Mother : Catherine {Emotional Fool}
3. Daughter : Janet {The Only Sane Member}
4. Son : Richard {The Young Mischievous Member}
5. Grandfather : Jim {The Insufferable Story-Teller}
6. Grandmother : Margaret {The God-Fearing And Over Pious Lady}


[Father comes in crashing striding into the room and throws his briefcase onto the table, the grandmother starts praying frantically on her rosary, the mother is amazed by all this]
George: Guys guess what? I finally got to see an UFO. You should have seen its smooth and sleek lines, very captivating. And my god those little aliens not more than 4 and a half feet all draped in silver.
Jim: And by the way, did I tell you when I with your granny was hunting some Llamas in the Andes, We were abducted by some aliens ….
All: Oh! Not one of your hunting stories again.
Margaret: It was a very frightening and distressful experience but we relied on the Almighty’s mercy and due to our faith and belief in Him we were brought back on this magnificent earth
Catherine: Is this going to be a bad omen for us, will a calamity strike us soon? [Catherine starts crying, Richard is constantly throwing things at the family and pinching people]
Janet: [Holding her head in a dismayed fashion, rolling her eyes] really, dad the shiny material was mom’s silver foil and that I had lent to those so-called aliens, Linda and Daphne for their UFO making competition. They had won the first prize for it and were taking it home.


[Margaret and Jim are talking with other family members sitting]
Margaret: Jim, do you remember how we started our life as newly-weds, that 1940’s era was so full of tranquility and peace. The moments when we were coyly glancing at each other and traveling by a stage-coach to set up our new home and some bandits attacked us. How had they dragged our luggage back to their house and unexpectedly came back and had dragged us into their house too. I was so terrified of them but I reckon they were so impressed by our decency and dignity that they took us into their house and made us comfortable. We lived for quite a time there and they were very friendly too, to think of bandits being friendly, huh. Maybe God shielded us from their evil and made them do well unto us.
Catherine: Oh my god! It must have been a harrowing experience.
Jim: What are you talking about? They were my father’s best friends and they meant to receive us and make us comfortable in the wilderness.
Margaret: Oh God! To think that you had deceived your bride and I thought these bandits were being so amiable and good-natured because of the Almighty’s mercy.
Janet: Like I always say granny “Always use your mind, never be guided by your spirituality”


[George is reading the newspaper and the rest are sitting, Richard as usual being mischievous]
George: Guys, these abductions never seem to have an end. Six children have been abducted and three of their families have been asked for ransom. One abductor has even commanded a family to pay Four hundred thousand dollars or else the family would not hear of their child again. How wicked!
Catherine: To talk of kidnappings, remember when little Richard was kidnapped. He was returned to us after three whole days and during that time I was ill, how heartless of the kidnapper. Those three days were the longest three days of life. The sorrow and pain I endured during that time is boundless.
Jim: To talk of pain, did I tell you the pain I had in my knees hunting wild turkeys in 1962.
All: Oh no! Don’t say that you are going to tell us one of your hunting stories.
Margaret: It was all due to my prayers to God that Richard was returned to us.
Janet: Oh mom! When you had fallen ill the babysitter had come so I had given Richard to her so that she could take care of him and I had in the meantime gone for a sleep-over at Linda’s house. The maid was not aware of this and you instead of inquiring about Richard suffered in silence. How daft, then when I came back the babysitter gave me the baby and I presented him to you, you were so overwhelmed in joy that you didn’t even ask where he came from.
Catherine: And you did not even tell me by yourself, how selfish of you.
Janet: [starts banging her head against the wall]


[The whole of the family is sitting and suddenly George starts speaking]
George: Hey, guys remember when Janet ran away from the house. She was there one night and all of a sudden she disappeared the very next day. Kathy was so distraught that she even stopped eating for a day and started not only when grandpa bought her a pizza.
Catherine: I was so worried about you, I thought you must be undergoing teen troubles. The whole time I was thinking what wrong had I done to you and why had not I understood your problems and loved you more. But now you are much more mature and well behaved now and I am sure you won’t run away.
Janet: [suddenly] But I never ran away.
Catherine: Oh yes you did.
Janet: No you don’t understand, I had gone on a camping trip for a week and you were not available at that moment so I had informed granny of the same. I still wonder that why she did not tell you.
Margaret: No, you never mentioned it.
Janet: You were praying at that time and you even responded by nodding.
Catherine: Janet, you know that when granny prays she only prays she cannot listen at the same time. And that nod of hers must have been an unconscious reflex. You could have at least called me up to ease my suffering.
Jim: To talk of suffering, did I tell you how much I suffered hunting wild elephants at the same time having a cold.
All: Yes, you told us everything about it! [Shouting]


[Grandfather is lying on the ground and everyone arrives]
Janet: Mom, Dad, Granny, look what has happened to grandpa.
George: Not one of his jokes again.
Catherine: [Crowding near him] what happened to grandpa why is he lying on the floor?
George: Ahh! I think he is uh dead
Catherine: What, grandpa dead? It cannot be happening, this is untrue, grandpa, the liveliest and most joyful member of our family dead?
George: Catherine, get a hold on yourself, if you do this, who will handle the kids?
Catherine: But…
Margaret: Catherine, remember that he was a mere mortal, just a bag of flesh and bones. Now he is free from the cruel world and may God grant him paradise. At last we have and he has acquired peace.
Jim: [Suddenly] to speak of peace, did I tell you about the peace I acquired after hunting a pack of wolves.

Adventure Sports

Fear exists only in the mind”. Generally, People tend to have a fear of one or the other thing, this is usually unreasonable but then, Human mind is such a complex structure that we cannot explain all of its absurdities, as we may call them. These irrational fears are termed as phobias such as acrophobia, arachnophobia, claustrophobia etcetera. The best way to deal with these phobias is to try in overcoming them. One of the effective ways in doing this is to engagae in Adventure Sports.

Adventure sports are existent in various forms, for example scuba diving, sky diving, bungee jumping and rock climbing. In scuba diving, a person descends deep into the ocean with the diving gear and enjoys the marine life. This is done mainly for pleasure. While, para gliding is an aerial sport and involves man versus gravity and wind. On the other hand, Rock climbing is more of an ‘earthy’ sport. Rock climbers ascend several kinds of rock formations, many of which are at a high elevation.

These type of sports provide thrill and excitement, we tend to say that our experience was fulfilling while deep in heart we know the terror we had faced during the activity. Participating in adventure sports do away with our inhibitions and help us in physical and mental development, our decison-making abilities are enhanced and our fears conquered.

Sometimes we should take risks and partake in the beneficial sports as we live only once and won’t get another chance.


The Blunder


Adolf Hitler
Heinrich Himmler ( Right Hand Man)
Joseph Goebbels
Eva Braun
Four Armed Guards

Scene 1

Narrator: Today, we present a play which is set at the backdrop of Operation Barbarossa or the German Invasion Of Russia, we have tried to depict the would be reaction of Adolf Hitler and his close associates at its failure. Hitler is in office apparently counting the something.
Hitler: Ein, zwei, drei, vier, fünf ( Himmler comes in storming)(Two guards give Nazi Salute)
Himmler: (screaming) Heil Hitler! (Hitler falls down, looks flustered) Mein Führer, Wehrmacht, the Nazi Army has been crushed! It is abominable! We have lost the Battle Of Moscow, The cunning Soviets are forcing us into a war of attrition, our food supply is dwindling, Deutschland is essentially ruined.
Hitler: (getting up with a look of disdain) Das ist schreklich! Are you off your German mind? Remember WE are the Nazis, the Aryans, the blood running through our veins is purer than distilled water! The largest invasion in the history of humankind shall be successful, We shall overcome all the difficulties and the Third Reich will rule the World!
Himmler: Nein, my Führer, I don’t see that happening (shaking head). Well, at least we have the thousands of Russians as prisoners, Heh Heh Heh Heh, I will starve them to death! [Evil smile]
(Curtain Closes)

Scene 2 
Narrator: The Germans are going bonkers because of the plummeting war economy. Soviet Union is desirous of revenge and is tirelessly working on achieving it, Germany is in crisis.
Hitler: Sleeping on table ( voice of snoring from youtube)
Goebbels: Sieg Heil! (Hitler Rises and gives Nazi Salute)
Hitler: Ja, Ja Guten Tag! So my dear propaganda minister, what wind blows you here? Does your leg still ail you?
Goebbels: Ja, mein führer it still does. I came to say that we are going down. Deutschland is losing a lot of men and infrastructure due to the lousy war! We need to implement some measures to take care of this precarious situation. The morale of the Wehrmacht is running low.
“I fear that the day is near”
the invading armies will our land seize
Nazis will be brought to their scrawny knees
Cash reserves will deplete and people will dust eat
The bubble reputation will burst
and thus, will be the exemplary leader be curst #poetic license
Hitler: Umm, it seems a perfekt situation to dilute the beer. If we add water to the beer, we will be able to produce more. Moreover, we can also degrade the cigarette quality. It will all be fine, Goebbels, don’t worry your little head over it. By the way, your poetic skills were unknown to me.

Goebbels: Nein, nein, nein, das ist schlecht! The beer will taste funny to the teenagers fighting for Deutscland and the cigarettes are already half dust, we cannot do that. Entschuldigung
Hitler: Now, now, be reasonable. Anyway, do what suits the nation. I will never intervene in what you do. I have full trust in your capabilities. Es das richtig, Goebbels?
Goebbels: Ja Führer

Scene 3
Narrator: Hitler has received news that within 24 hours Berlin will fall. He is very anxious. He is about to disclose this fact to his newly married wife.
Hitler: (To Eva ) Eva, It is time!
Eva: Time for what? Leiber
Hitler: Now that it is the time, I find it incumbent upon me to tell you that the war has been lost! We are not in a position to defend Berlin. Berlin is the capital of Deutschland and I wish that my soul resides here?
Eva: Was möchten sie tun? What are you planning to do?
Hitler: To achieve salvation!
Eva: Pray tell me, Why?
Hitler: Death is better than disgrace. I am a respectable person and I wish to die in dignity.
Eva: Then we are together in death
Hitler: So shall we be, Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer( Hitler shoots himself, Eva consumes cyanide, Nazi national anthem i.e Horst Wessel song is played.)


Its morning! dawn of a new day
Rise and shine for the sky is no longer gray
The shining sun lifts its bosom over the vast skies
Beneath which lies the world, filled with truths and lies
Looking out, the day seems so fair, so fine
Fresh air and grassy walks, the morning is mine!
Beauteous surroundings and the gentle breeze blowing
Green moss on pebbles and river water flowing
The chirping birds who cheerily start off for feeding
Their bellies are rumbling and food is what they’re needing

Cries of the peddlers and hawkers are heard from far away
They are heard by those who in their beds sleepily lay
Roaming around the lonely streets is so much fun
The young and old out, for a bit of sun
Business is starting, the world is awake
Brace yourself for the day, cuz’ its daybreak

The city of dreams

Tourist destination: Istanbul is the most rapidly growing travel destination in the world. While staying in the historical peninsula i.e, Sultanahmet district, one sees thousands of sightseers and backpackers trotting up and down the old streets. Sultanahmet square thrives in tourists as it is the area where most of the ancient structures and monuments are situated.

Seat Of Power: In its thousand years of history, Istanbul has served as the capital of three great empires-Roman,Byzantine and Ottoman. This is evident from the fact that there are several ottoman palaces and churches built by romans and Byzantines some of which stand till today. Istanbul was originally called Byzantium but after its re-foundation by Emperor Constantine, it was renamed Constantinople in his honor. After the Turkish war for independence, Ankara, on 13 October 1923 officially replaced Istanbul as the capital of the newly founded Republic of Turkey.

8Grand Bazaar: The Grand Bazaar or Kapalı Çarşı is in operation since 1461 is one of the oldest and largest covered markets in the world. It houses 5000 shops and sixty streets. The Grand Bazaar has shops which sell a very wide array of exotic items and accessories which include decoration bowls, Arabian nights style lamps, a hundred types of ‘tea’, jewelry, vases, bronze and copper tea sets, silver spoons etcetera. When walking through it, we discover that Grand Bazaar is no short of a labyrinth for it contains a umpteen number of shops and several streets which all look identical to laymen.

The Haggling Capital : Haggling or pazarı is a social tradition in Istanbul. You go to a shop in Grand Bazaar and they quote two hundred lira for a wallet, say ‘No, 50 liras’ trust me, after negotiations, they may agree for 60 liras. In Istanbul you cannot accept the price quoted first, you need to bring it to at least a half of it, otherwise you will be swindled. The best thing is to ask the shopkeeper to quote his last price, and if you are not content, ask for a lower price, if by chance, he does not agree, Walk away! Do it as most probably he will, in very injured tones, accept it. If he does not then you may find the same item in another shop as they all seem to have similar goods.

Princes Islands : are an archipelago of nine islands in the Sea of Marmara with the largest and most well-known of them being Buyukada. All motorized vehicles are banned here so the natives have bicycles and phaetons as means of conveyance. Their scenic beauty, serenity, pollution-free environment and sunny beaches make them a popular getaway from the hustle bustle of the city. Tourists can enjoy the tour of any island in phaetons or can rent bicycles to go off in its green and serene woods. Residents of here, live in Victorian-style cottages and seem a bit alienated from the world of modern metropolises.

Novels: Agatha Christie’s popular novel” Murder On The Orient Express” was written at Pera Palas Hotel in Istanbul. The Orient Express travelled from Paris to Constantinople from 1883 to 1977.

Medieval Sanitation & Hygiene: During the Ottoman era, Istanbul had 1400 public toilets while the rest of Europe had none! And the English say that we ‘civilized’ our colonies.

Palaces: The city of Istanbul has many palaces located in it which include Dolmahbaçe palace, Yıldız palace, Küçüksu palace and Çirağan palace but the most well-known and significant among them is the then-official residence of the Ottoman Sultans, The Topkapı palace. It is now turned into a museum and contains many essential relics of the past, both Islamic and aristocratic. It contains the portraits of the sultans, their utensils and cutlery, their gold and gems, the Islamic and christian relics such as the saucepan of Abraham, the cloak of Fatima, the staff of Moses, the turban of Joseph (Peace be upon them all). The palace also accomodates the Hamam of the wives and concubines of the sultan. The palace museum showcases the gifts sent to the sultan by foreign rulers.

Mosques & Churches: There are various mosques in the city, most of whom have been constructed by Ottoman sultans. These inculde the Sultanahmet Mosque, Yeni Camii, Suleymaniye Mosque etc. The churches of the city were built by the Roman emperors.

Transcontinental city: Istanbul lies on the confluence of Asia and Europe. A third of its population is settled in the asian part while the rest live in the european side. The Sea of Marmara forms the boundary that separates these two sides.

Istanbul city is a must-see for any traveller as it is a representation of civilizations existing over thousands of years.

Ahsan Firdaus Shiekh
9 A


Saudi Arabia : Facts

Hi! Today I had made myself busy, reflecting on the state of affairs in Saudi Arabia and then I started thinking about the awe-inspiring things about the nation. Finally I came up with a few,some from surfing the net and some from my own experience.
  • Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the world with no source of flowing water.
  •  Due to this, the country desalinates more seawater than any country in the world. The government is planning to spend $200 Billion in this project forthr coming years.
  • Saudi Arabia has among the most lenient tax systems in the world. Income tax is non-existent, no VAT, no land tax, nothing!. Gasoline, costs 0.12 $, healthcare and education are free.
  • However, the citizens of KSA have to pay a Zakat Tax which is the equivalent of 2.5% of their annual earnings. Besides, there is also a corporate tax.
  • Based on fatalities per head of population, a World Bank report in the year 2000 found that Saudi Arabia along with Malaysia, Thailand, and South Africa were the most dangerous countries in which to drive.
  • The country remains a haven for millions of expatriates. Immigrants make up more than 30% of the total Saudi population, according to UN data from 2013.
  • Al Ghawar oil field, on the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia is reputed to be the largest offshore oil field in the world.
  • Saudi statistics state that the country is the world’s fourth largest importer of tobacco, and Saudis spend about US$8 million a day on cigarettes.
  • Birth control is illegal in Saudi Arabia.
  • In Saudi Arabia, everything closes during salat (prayer time). Strictly enforced, salat can last up to 30 minutes.
  •  Drinking of coffee or gahwa is very prevalent in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi culture, the host must offer gahwa to his guests in the smallest cup possible, which implies that the host intends the guest stay for a long period, if by chance, the gahwa is offered in a larger cup, the guest will feel offended and may even walk away in a huff!
  •  Most of the businesses start after sunset, shopping is usually done in the night hours. The malls close down at 12 o’clock, and in the holy month of Ramadan they operate even till 1 o’clock.
  •  80% of the labor force in Saudi Arabia is non-national.
  • Lastly, Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy with the King being the supreme authority.